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AUSTRALIA 2030: Navigating an Uncertain Future Report

The CSIRO has tasked a specific “advisory and foresight group” called CSIRO Futures with creating an all-encompassing road map of global outcomes for the next 15 years. Australia 2030: Navigating an Uncertain Future has some interesting outlooks for Australia in 2030.

The Australia 2030 report uses a scenarios-based approach to help business and government to plan today’s innovation investments to meet future opportunities and challenges.

Australia has enjoyed an enviable position over the last two decades, with demand for the nation’s abundant resources leading to strong economic growth and rising standards of living. However, we are entering a period of significant change across national and global markets. In light of this rapid pace of change, how will Australia maintain competitiveness in existing industries and build comparative advantage in new and emerging industries?  Read Australia 2030: Navigating an Uncertain Future here